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Welcome to Our Family Website!! This is the website for the MANTIONE (as well as GATTO, IORIO, and LOMMA) families in the USA that originated from the following Italian towns: Montedoro (CL), Castrofilippo (CL), Serradifalco (AG), Racalmuto (AG) Sicily Castelmauro (CB) and Felitto (SA).

The information on our website is the result of over 40 years of extensive, dedicated, and carefully documented research. This website, being the culmination of countless conversations, research trips to U.S. Archives, and Italian Municipios, will enable you the reader to explore not only the ancestors through the generations back to as far as 1727, but the beautiful towns and villages from where they originated.

The following family surnames are found to make up the pages of this website: Mantione - Iorio - Gatto - Lomma - Gioia - Pagnotto - Callura - DiMarco - Berardis - Sticca - LoDato - Aquilino - Ciccotti - DiStasi - Riviello - Fratamico - Trolio - Colonna - Palumbo - Lombardo - D'Angelo - D'Elia - Piauia - Gizzone - Gentilucci - Boccardo - Torzi - Tangredi - Girri - Pietroniro - Iuliano - Colaniro - Quici - DiNanno - Baldi - Virgilio - Sp(f)erazza - Romano - Messina - Sicurella - DiRosa - Ruberto - Gallucio - Ventre - Safonta - DiStasi, and a host of others.

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about these families, the ancestors of which are tied to the present family of the President of the Region of Molise and the Colonna Family of the House of Savoy which produced 27 Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church (one that became Pope Martin V). The villages where these families lived are remarkable in and of themselves, and we trust you will enjoy seeing photography from their locale.

Please be respectful of what you glean from the work, where you include it and where you publicize it. Don't just take, but please give back. Share YOUR research if you have made some research tie to the genealogy that exists here, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and share your connections. Lastly, if you've benefitted from the site, please PLEASE consider contributing with a donation !!!


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Please contact me if you have any comments, corrections or suggestions, or if you are just visiting. I look forward to hearing from you.


The following is a list of resources that we have found to be most helpful in assisting with either the research or presenting it to others:

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